Hi, I am Junie Q Amit, I formed this company more than 15 years ago in order to give jobs to the local people located in the Philippine Mountains. The filipinos are very proud, hardworking and family oriented people. Most local filipinos did not have the opportunity for a formal education, and local jobs are very hard to come by. By forming JQA Trading, this has provided the locals for a better quality of life and to assist their families with a steady income and a better future for their children.

JQA Trading is a business that believes in sustainable harvesting and working with nature by clearing the mature rattan in order to foster proper forest management and in this way, making use of a natural product that would have gone to waste and rotted away. JQA Trading products are produced legally & ethically from our Rattan Poles, Round Core, Water Hyacinth(Seagrass), Cane Webbing and other Philippine & International Raw Materials that you would need.

As a sole owner of JQA Trading, we provide Rattan and it’s affiliated products at a high standard and at a great price. As a by-product of when you purchase any of our products, you are also assisting the local Filipino mountain community.

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